Welcome to the web site of the New Zealand Camellia Society Inc

Our Society is a non-profit organisation promoting an interest in growing and exhibiting camellias
There are 15 branches spread throughout NZ and they offer –

  •   Fellowship with other keen gardeners
  •   Information on growing and enjoying camellias, and other plants of interest
  •   An annual show where camellias can be exhibited  
  •   In-house competitions at meetings where camellias and other plants can be displayed and        exhibited
  •   Guest speakers on a wide range of topics
  •   Visits to local gardens

Three times a year the Society brings you a high-quality Camellia Bulletin packed with a wide range of topics, and illustrated with superb colour photographs   

In August, in different locations each year, there is an annual National Show and Convention.  Anyone can attend the National Show and enter their camellia blooms in the competition.

For 2020 it will be in Waikanae on Saturday 22 August. Click onto the National Show web page to view the details of the show 

A new resource has been developed on Growing and Showing Camellias. Thanks to Harvey Howard for the time he has spent on this booklet.  Click on Download to read the article

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